About Yakondi



What does Yakondi mean?

Welcome to Yakondi. We are glad you are here and you contribute to spread the love for travelling. Travel is not just something we do, travel is a mentality. Yakondi is derived from the African name Jakodi, which is origin from the Old Gaelic name "O Cuidighthigh". That means "descendant of the helpful one". The spirit of Yakondi is to share travel advice with other people, give helpful information and support to other travellers. You are a descendant of the helpful one - you are Yakondi!


Our Values

When you are thinking about travelling, we believe you can get expert advice from locals or people who really know the destination inside and out, easily, stress-free and at low cost. Yakondi has created a platform where travellers can communicate and get their advice for their next travelling adventure. Our objective is to help people to experience unforgettable moments during their travels and share their experience with interested people.

The Yakondi Team

Benjamin Founder / Marketing
Michael Founder / Engineering
Niklas Founder / Design
Diyen Engineering
Ayima Testing
Laura Video Content
Bola Content
Guilhermes Content
Chahin Social Media
Allan Social Media
Giuseppe UI/UX

"We from the Yakondi team are a multicultural group of people who give their best every day in order to make your travel experience unforgettable. We code, we engineer, we design, we communicate and everything in between. Your passion is our motivation."


You love the idea and want to be part of the Yakondi team? No matter in which country you live, just write us a message to jobs@yakondi.com and we will check if there is a place in the Yakondi team for you.

We are here for you! If you have questions or need any support, don't hesitate to contact us at hello@yakondi.com.



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